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Alexander G. Hayes

Assistant Professor of Astronomy (Cornell University)

Alexander G. HayesAlexander Hayes uses spacecraft-based remote sensing to study the properties of planetary surfaces, their interactions with the interior, and if present, atmosphere. Recently, he has focused on studying the coupling of surface, subsurface, and atmospheric processes on Titan and Mars.

Alex oversees operation of the Spacecraft Imaging Facility (SPIF) as its Director. He will be involved in all activities, taking the lead in the generation of GIS starter projects and organize the informal data processing and GIS workshops.

Alex is an Assistant Professor of Astronomy, and joined the faculty at Cornell in January 2013.

Rick Kline

SPIF Data Manager (Cornell University)

Rick KlineRick Kline is responsible for the day-to-day running of SPIF. He organizes outreach events and is the primary presenter for both local and remote visits. The Data Manager is in charge of organizing the Teacher Workshops and activities for the Sciencenter summer camp in collaboration with Michelle Kortenaar. He is also in charge of all archiving activities and will oversee the undergraduate assistant.

Robert Sullivan

Sr. Research Associate (Cornell University)

Robert SullivanRobert Sullivan is an MER Participating Scientist and Co-I on the combined camera team for MSL. Rob is an expert on Martian surface processes and will be in charge of generating extraterrestrial VFEs alongside Collaborator Don Duggan-Haas.

Rob will be the primary point of contact for the SPIF-PRI partnership and will be in charge of the design, generation, and implementation of the extraterrestrial VFE program.

Joseph Veverka

The James A. Weeks Professor of Physical Sciences (Cornell University)

Joseph VeverkaJoseph Veverka is the founder of SPIF and has served as its director for the past 31 years. His main scientific interests focus on various aspects of solar system research, in particular high-resolution imaging and photometry of planetary, satellite, asteroid and cometary surfaces. He was one of the first to demonstrate that asteroids have well-developed regoliths and that Titan has a thick, cloudy atmosphere.

Joe will help Alex Hayes transition into the director position and act in an advisory role.

Don Duggan-Haas

Education Research Associate (Paleontological Research Institution)

Don Duggan-HaasDon Duggan-Haas is an Education Research Associate at the Paleontological Research Institute, currently focused upon determining the fundamental ideas that are most important for everyone to understand about the Earth system and how to help educators nurture understandings of those ideas. He is in charge of PRI’s VFE program ad will assistant Robert Sullivan in the generation and implementation of extraterrestrial VFEs.

Janet Huie

Grants Project Manager (Ithaca Sciencenter)

Janet Huie is Michelle Kortennar's proxy within the NSPIRES system. Michelle Kortennar is the Education Director at the Sciencenter and will work with Alex Hayes in developing the partnership between SPIF and the Sciencenter. Michelle will also work with the Data Manager to define the activity list for SPIF’s involvement in the Sciencenter’s annual Space Science Summer Camp.

Yvonne Tang

Yvonne TangCo-founder & Lead Web Developer (Siliconian)

Yvonne Tang is the co-founder of Siliconian, a web development company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was contracted to design and develop the new SPIF webpage and will provide consultation on the site’s use and modification. Before Yvonne started her web business, she was a graduate student at Cornell's Astronomy Department.

Undergraduate Students

(Cornell University)

Cornell undergraduate students will, under the advisement of the Director and Data Manager, assist SPIF personnel in various activities including the processing of PDS data, generation of GIS starter packages, archiving of SPIF holdings, printing of poster products and fliers, and video documentation of SPIF activities.

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