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The Extraterrestrial Virtual Field Experience (EVFE) is a game-like, computer based laboratory activity for introductory geology students at junior high, high school, and undergraduate levels. The EVFE is intended for either two or more sessions of an Earth Science class as a syllabus enrichment tool, or as an after-school enrichment activity for a science-oriented student group.

We are currently in a prototyping and play testing phase. Our prototype module puts students in the role of the science team for the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, tasked with the responsibility to use the spacecraft's instrument suite to make hypothesis and evidence driven discoveries about the role of water in the history of the Meridiani Planum landing site. We are committed to producing at least four additional modules covering other missions and scientific subject matter at a rate of approximately one per year.

Links are provided below for the teacher's guide and activity interface. Please feel free to make use of this activity with the understanding that it is a prototype in active development. We encourage and request feedback from educators on ways to make the activity more useful and attractive as a classroom tool. Please send feedback to Chase Million (chase [dot] million [at] gmail [dot] com).

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